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The Wright Firm, P.A. is dedicated to the time honored tradition of a legal practice based on ethics, competence and reason. It is not the Firm’s objective to “out advertise” our competitors. It is, however, our objective to provide individualized one-on-one legal representation. The Wright Firm, P.A. is privileged to represent a select clientele derived largely from a local and national referral network comprised of former clients, attorneys, physicians and friends. We are a personal injury law firm.
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The Myths
Too often clients have come to the Firm over the years and apologized for the decision to make a personal injury or medical malpractice claim. They explain they simply want to try to put their lives back together after an often devastating loss, yet still fear being perceived as doing something improper. We believe this common mindset can be attributed to business manipulation, media hype or confusion.
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The Truth
Bringing a personal injury claim is a serious proposition. Elements of liability (fault) and damages (monetary value) may be difficult and costly to prove. It may require a significant time commitment from the client and the Firm. It may expose the client and the Firm to financial loss or penalty. The psychological toll of a claim cannot be overlooked. These factors and others are evaluated by the Firm prior to assuming any representation as well as throughout the process. We ask our clients to weigh these additional factors.
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The Process
The process of case evaluation and representation involves several phases. The initial intake information phase is followed by an initial client meeting when potential representation is feasible. If representation is agreed upon, a fee contract is signed by the client and the Firm. Information gathering, medical evaluation and medical treatment usually occur. At an appropriate time, efforts will be made to settle a claim for a reasonable sum. If these efforts are not successful, a lawsuit may be filed and a trial may occur.
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